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Electronics manufacturing equipment auctions

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1 Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Auctions

Continuing Series of ETM Exchange Auctions Featuring Research Lab and Test Equipment

Tue, Jul 25 - Thu, Jul 27, 2017 | online

FEATURED EQUIPMENT LIST: Additional Equipment Will Be Added Soon Agilent 8722ES 40 Ghz S-Parameter Network Analyzer Agilent 8722D 40 Ghz Network Analyzer Agilent 8719ES 13.5Ghz S-Parameter Network Analyzer Agilent 8753ES S-Parame... »»

Auctioneer: X-Line Asset Management

X-Line Asset Management

The leading provider of online auctions, asset remarketing, and liquidation services for clients in electronics and high-tech manufacturing.

San Jose, California, USA

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fluid dispensing pumps for integration