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Nordson SELECT is pleased to offer a full spectrum of selective soldering solutions, from compact and economical standalone models to multi-station in-line models with uncompromising high performance. Yet, Nordson SELECT is much more than just an illustrious and proven track record of excellence. Today Nordson SELECT is the combination of two highly innovative companies, ACE Production Technologies and InterSelect GmbH, dedicated to enabling the success of our clients.

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KISS 104 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

The KISS-104 is the completely automated "in-line" version of the KISS-103 handling boards up to 18" x 24". It has a SMEMA pass through conveyor that features automatic conveyor width adjustment and a "crowder" to fac...

Selective Soldering

KISS 104 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

KISS 103 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

Manual Load PCB 24″ X 18″. The KISS-103 is a larger version of the popular KISS-102. Where the KISS-102 processes a 12" x 12" board, the KISS-103 will process a 18" x 24" board entirely without intervent...

Selective Soldering

KISS 103 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

KISS 102 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

Manual Load PCB 16″ X 16″. The KISS-102 is an automated, simple to use low cost selective soldering machine using the proven 'traveling mini-solder wave". It is used to replace the high labor cost of hand soldering...

Selective Soldering

KISS 102 - Automated Selective Soldering Machine

KISS LTS-200 Lead Tinning System

The KISS-LTS200 is an automated machine specifically intended for the hot solder dip lead tinning process, whereby aged components can be refurbished in preparation for re-qualification to "High Reliability" standards.

Selective Soldering

KISS LTS-200 Lead Tinning System

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Solutions for Selective Soldering of High Thermal Mass and Fine-Pitch Components

May 07, 2020 | Bob Klenke, Technical Consultant, Nordson SELECT

The selective soldering process has evolved to become a standard production process within the electronics assembly industry, and now accommodates a wide variety of through-hole component formats in numerous applications. Most through-hole components can be easily soldered with the selective soldering process without difficulty, however some types of challenging components require additional attention to ensure optimum quality control is maintained.</p> <p>Several high thermal mass components can place demands on the selective soldering process, while the use of specialized solder fixtures and/or pallets often places an additional thermal demand on the preheating process. Fine-pitch through-hole components and connectors place a different set of demands on the selective soldering process and typically require special attention to lead projection and traverse speed to minimize bridging between adjacent pins.</p> <p>Dual in-line memory module (DIMM) connectors, compact peripheral component interface (cPCI) connectors, coax connectors and other high thermal mass components as well as fine-pitch microconnectors,can present challenges when soldered into backplanes or multilayer printed circuit board assemblies. Adding to this challenge, compact peripheral component interface connectors can present additional solderability issues due to their beryllium copper termination pins....

Dross and the Selective Soldering Process

Feb 24, 2011 | Alan Cable

In the selective soldering process, dross can be detrimental. Dross (and I use this term to encompass all surface contamination) is created in conjunction with the presence of Oxygen in two different areas of the process, and by separate means. Each must ...

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New German Website Features SELECT Products by Nordson Electronics Solutions

Dec 03, 2020 | SELECT is pleased to announce the successful launch of a new website in German, https://www.nords The website features the most popular machines for the SELECT brand of selective soldering systems and includes videos and downloadable datasheets.

Roger Cox Joins ACE; to Lead New Component Services Division

Jan 15, 2013 | ACE Component Services, a new division of ACE Production Technologies, announces the appointment of Roger Cox, an experienced engineer and engineering manager, to the position of Operations Manager. In his new position, Roger will oversee the day to day operations and planned growth of ACE's new division, which provides a range of component-related services including lead tinning, solderability (wetting balance) testing, and much more.

New ACE Selective Soldering KISS-205 Slashes TAKT Time 50%

Jan 15, 2013 | ACE Production Technologies' new 'souped-up' KISS-205 Selective Soldering System with In-Line Concurrent Processing promises to slash TAKT time by up to 50% over standard selective soldering processes. This system and its ingenious new approach to managing processing time that practically doubles throughput will be introduced at IPC/APEX 2013 next month in San Diego.

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