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Missing components in Reel

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 11 11:40:23 EST 2005 | JB

If there is an empty pocket at the pick up position, because a component "fell off" then the pick and place machine will attempt to pick up more components from the same feeder an "x" amount of times, depending on your component parameters, then it w

Contamination of components

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 03 23:24:55 EST 2001 | CAL

We test Parts and Components to IPC J-std-002/003. We also use a wetting Balance tester to determine solderability. We also test with SERA. We use ROSA to electrochemically revert the components back to their original state. Need more info ... email

Wave soldering smt components

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 13:39:16 EST 1999 | KA

Hello Everyone! I have encountered a situation where I have surface mount components on the backside of the board and I need to wave all the through hole leads on the backside as well. Can this be done? I thought of the possibility of adhering the

V-score cracking components

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 25 13:55:26 EDT 2005 | Joe Wesley

Looking for idea''s on how to reduce cracking of components along viscore. We are placing within 0.020 and0.030 from edge in some cases but are seeing cracks on components placed all the way out at 0.150 off edge. Has anyone heard heating the boards

Re: surrounding components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 14:40:13 EDT 2000 | Erick Russell

It is always a good idea to heat the entire board to 100C to 140C prior to reflowing the site to be reworked to reduce warp and localized stress. (Thermal uniformity of the preheater is key here). For a BGA, the laser is programmed to heat only the

LInk for the components

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 22 12:21:22 EST 2004 | russ


LInk for the components

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 09:05:36 EST 2004 | russ

That would be one BIG spreadsheet, there are a lot of mfg with a lot of components for each one. As you know when going to the datasheetlocator you notice the huge listing of suppliers (500+) each one of them probbaly has anywhere from 1 type of co

Contamination of components

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 19:59:20 EST 2001 | davef

We feel that we get more than our share of crusty components, but we just smile because we�re so happy ["Happy, happy" as Emeril says] that we use a nice and hot, aqueous flux. What kind of flux do you use?

Re: electronics components suppliers

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 05 03:10:05 EST 1999 | NAK

who do you like to go to as a source of caps, resistors, ICs, DIPs, connectors I'm looking for distributors. smt and pth There is a database of excess, surplus and obsolete components available at godd prices, at w

Placing 0402 components

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 23 09:47:41 EST 1998 | David Trent

I am trying to place 0402 components using a Fuji CP2. Does anyone have experience doing this? Are there any tricks to this that I need to know about? Thanks

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