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skew components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 28 20:54:04 EDT 2005 | Ken

I would run scale calibration first (for the suspect camera). That may be your only problem. However, if your having a rotation issue and all major angles are off (differently) then it is most likely R-axis accuracy. However, I would run AMF and

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 14:30:45 EST 2007 | ratsalad

If you are in the middle of a run and can't get a replacement stencil there immediately, you can always put a little kapton tape on the bottom of the stencil to mask off a portion of the DPAK pad and reduce the paste deposit. We have had to do this

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 18:32:29 EST 2007 | siverts

We have seen this issue with our RoHS process also. If that is the case and I if understand you correctlcy; then the advice from KSimpson, Stephen, DaveF + "all others" is totally correct!! We have been under this problem a numeruos numbers from time

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 16:35:55 EDT 2001 | Steve

Most of the time, we have very few skewed parts so I feel comfortable about the processes in general. However once in a while, often enough to throw off the first pass yield, we will get a few boards with a lot of skewed parts. By skewed I mean that

Topaz Xll tall components

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 02:56:26 EST 2015 | s_marius

Good Day for Everyone! TOPAZ XII can handle 6.5mm height components easily. Is it possible to mount 10mm? The problem is that the picked high component pushes away other placed high component. Camera alignment works well. Please share your experien

How passive components work

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 07:38:33 EST 2016 | emeto

Passive components are the one's that don't gain power on the output. The one's that do are called active components. Diodes, resistors, caps and inductors are examples of passive. Transistor is active component.

Skewed and popped components

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 08:34:57 EDT 2003 | stefwitt

Even when you run a board several times, the machine may not make the same travel path every time. This in itself does not create a problem, but the vacuum on the nozzles could be different, dependent on the configuration of components on the heads.

Contamination of components

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 09:35:48 EST 2001 | larryk

With allocation of components becoming a bigger and bigger problem, our company has had to purchase components from brokers. Because of this, I've found an increase of component contamination. What I mean is I have found problems with oxidation of th

handling components for rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 17:34:23 EDT 1999 | LK Brown

We only do rework with SMT components or a small amount of SMT work. We are having a hard time keeping the components safe throughout the handling process of removing one or two components, and issuing them to an operator for processing or inspectio

Re: SMD reeled components

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 21:41:27 EST 2000 | Dave F

Jack: You should use your components promptly. Don't store 'em, only bad things will happen to them. 1 You should store all your components, not just your SMD reeled components, so they are not damaged or their solderability decreased. Check the

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