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0402 components

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 24 11:02:29 EST 2000 | mark scheunemann

I am looking to discuss 0402 issues, specifically tombstoning/unsoldered. Any recommendations on pad size/spacing, stencil design etc would be helpful. Placement and reflow profile look good.

0201 components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 14 09:41:22 EDT 1999 | Eric Christison

I'm hoping to use 0201 caps and resistors in a new design but so far have only found one company who makes such small devices (Murato). Can anyone direct me to any other supplier? Are there any particular problems associated with using such small

skew components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 27 23:02:55 EDT 2005 | selva Govind

Hi Mark, This problem can be overcome by adjusting the camera brightness - Gain & Offset. I think the offset value is very high. Try reducing it.

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 14:31:56 EST 2007 | stepheniii

That also allows a channel for degassing and also breaks up paste into sections that tend to balance the forces acting on the part. So basically window paning is even better than you might think.

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 15:18:51 EST 2007 | Mark

hello, try to redesign apperture:- cross-hatched with 0.5mm or 1.0mm web according to pad size mark

Melf components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 06:46:49 EDT 2007 | davef

Melf dimensions are: * http://www.practicalcomponents.com/melf-resistor-dummy.htm * http://www.practicalcomponents.com/melf.htm We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

contaminated components

Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 18:05:31 EDT 2004 | daman

We are trying to solder a Surface mount relay having lead free finish on the leads. The leads are not getting soldered down during the reflow. The leads also look oxidized (failed our solderability test) but we don't have an option but to use these r

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 15:59:33 EST 2007 | pima

hello I would like to ask you for advise. I have problem with one of my SMT line and skewed parts at the end of line after reflow. My line is composed: DEK, 3d visual inspection of paste printing, IP3, 8 zones reflow oven. I m builidng there produc

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 07:57:36 EDT 2001 | wbu

Steve: Try to find something that�s common to all your skewed parts. We haven�t had much trouble with it except for some MELF diodes a couple of years ago which didn�t look well aligned but made no trouble with specs. Better suited pad design solved

skew components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 12:38:05 EDT 2005 | Mark

Hallo, I have a problem with Topaz Xi with FNC nozzles. We have front, back and single camera in Topaz Xi. When i am using front camera and placing SO8, TSSOP14, TSSOP16 etc, using nozzles 73F the accurancy is ok. But when i switch to the back cam

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