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broken components

Electronics Forum | Tue May 26 10:23:53 EDT 2009 | mun4o

hi, i am proccess eng solder wave process.I have problem with a PCB.There have ceramic SMD capacitor, SMD thermistor and SMD inductor 1uH.After reflow all is OK, but after SW these components are broken???The pin is separated from the body???the que

lead-free components

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 06:31:27 EST 1999 | Marcus Wagner

Hi, I�m searching for manufactores of lead-free components (resistance, capacitors ...) Do you know adresses, websides ... to get some information? Please tell me.

skew components

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 26 07:56:38 EDT 2005 | pavel_murtishev

Hi! Try to make "R_AXIS_ACCURACY" calibration for all of FNC heads for back camera only. I met such problem on Topaz-X. There was clearly seen offset on 0.8mm pitch components. I simply calibrated all cameras for FNC nozzles and problem disappeared.

Melf components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 11:23:42 EDT 2007 | Stefan

Hi, Can somebody tell if for melf components the x and z sizes are the same? Normally they are, but the machine's vision system sees only 60-70% of the x size due to light dispersion. The Z dimension has to be the one measured with a vernier caliper?

Melf components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 07:17:50 EDT 2007 | Phil J

Stefan The Z hight required for a MELF will depend on the design of nozzle used on your machine. If it has a "V" tip you should measure the hight of the component on a nozzle then subtract the nozzle hight.

broken components

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 07:02:34 EDT 2009 | xinxi

Have you tried profiling the board with temperature label or profiler thru wave? I reckon your pre-heat temperature might be too high either on top or bottom and cause the component to expand unevenly. Regards, xinxi

broken components

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 02:02:07 EDT 2009 | cobar

The problem could be that the preheat temp of the PCB is too low on entering the bath.Also look at moisture ingression of components.Have a look at solder Assit at http://www.shanelo.co.za

contaminated components

Electronics Forum | Mon May 10 20:46:25 EDT 2004 | davef

The three basic methods you can use to restore solderability on components are: * Highly active fluxes in a retinning operation. * Surface stripping chemistry and then a standard retinning operation. * Electrochemical conversion chemistry and then a

skew components

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 22 15:15:15 EDT 2005 | stepheniii

How are the cameras calibrated on those machines?

Skewed components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 09 18:46:23 EST 2007 | siverts

I mean 75% on pad.

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