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This training course will emphasize getting to learn the basics of BluePrint-PCB. The attendees will learn how to use the powerful features within the tool to generate documents and documents sets. Emphasis will be placed on using the Gallery and Document Templates to automate the process.

Topics include:

  • User Interface
  • Documentation Hierarchy
  • Generating a release package
  • Create Fabrication drawings
    • Defining Title Blocks
    • Placing Drill Charts and Patterns
    • Creating a layer Stackup detail
    • Creating and Linking Details
    • Auto Dimensioning
    • Adding Notes
  • Create an Assembly Drawing
    • Creating top and bottom side views
    • Creating an exploded view
    • Import and modify DXF drawings
    • Hyperlinks
  • Creating a parts list
  • Creating Engineering Change Orders
  • Other topics that may be covered (decided by attendees)
    • Variant Definition and Display
    • Process Steps Definition and display
    • Parts list management
    • 2d drafting tools
    • Interaction with CAM350
    • Array Panel Documentation

Full Day Course 9AM-5PM, includes lunch and refreshments

Note: Please register for course 30 days in advance.

This course is intended for beginner to intermediate level users. We planned the materials to be informative, beneficial and challenging for all levels of PCB Design professionals.


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