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This course is generally offered evey three (3) months for both initial certification and recertification.

The Surface Mount Technology course trains personnel in the fabrication and inspection of space flight hardware in accordance with NASA-STD-8739.2 and JPL standards. Various training aids are used to explain the underlying theory, approved materials, tools and procedures. Emphasis is placed on understanding instructions and performing quality workmanship. Students will assemble a printed wiring assembly (PWA). In the rework and modification portion, each student modifies a PWA from detailed instructions.

Prerequisite: Vision exam

This prerequisite pertains to the NASA-STD-8739 series of courses, with the exception of: Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Control - NASA-STD-8739.7

All students must meet the following vision test requirements as a prerequisite to training (certification and/or recertification). The vision requirements may be met with corrected vision. Results of the examination shall be maintained and available for review.

Far Vision: Snellen Chart 20/50

Near Vision: Jaeger 1 at 35.5cm (14 inches), Reduced Snellen 20/20, or equivalent

Color Vision: Ability to distinguish red, green blue, and yellow as prescribed in Dvorine Charts, Ishihara Plates, or AO-HRR Tests

A copy of the vision exam must be forwarded to the NASA Western Region Training Center prior to attending class.


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