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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Aug. 29 - Aug. 31, 2018

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Nov. 19 - Nov. 21, 2018


The intent of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of the electronic assembly manufacturing process, especially surface mount circuit boards. Attendees will gain insight into the materials, components, equipment and standards of the electronics industry. Mini Camp discusses all the processes required to reliably build an electronic assembly. After the lecture session of the course, students will tour a working electronics assembly line to see the intricacies and further complement the material presented previously. Upon completion of the Mini Camp, a candidate will have a solid working knowledge of PCB assembly methods that guide circuit board design, manufacturability, and contract manufacturers’ capabilities. Students will also learn troubleshooting methods to avoid common design and manufacturing errors.

Who Should Attend

Mini Camp is a fast-paced three-day course geared toward those who must learn the fundamentals of electronic assembly manufacturing processes quickly. Personnel involved in purchasing, sales, program management, and those new to the electronics industry will benefit from this material. This class is also great for design engineers who want to achieve a better understanding of the manufacturing process.


Individuals will gain an overview of the electronics manufacturing industry and become familiar with the processes, materials and terms associated with building a reliable electronic assembly.



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