Advanced Electronics Manufacturing Processes Boot Camp


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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Sep. 25 - Sep. 29, 2017

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Dec. 04 - Dec. 08, 2017


This advanced course is designed to provide electronics manufacturing personnel with more intense training in aspects of the electronics manufacturing process control that go beyond the basic assembly process. These attendees now require a greater depth of training and a concentrated treatment of selected critical topics like BGA rework, design for manufacturing, six sigma techniques, lead-free process control, and failure analysis. This advanced course assumes experience in electronics manufacturing.

Who Should Attend

This course is for those who currently have a broad understanding of the more common aspects of electronics manufacturing, or have already taken the ACI Technologies Electronics Manufacturing Processes course (Boot Camp A). Attendees may include engineers, technicians, electronic specialists, or individual who work in related fields but require a greater understanding of the critical issues covered within this curriculum.


Participants will acquire an increased knowledge of the various processes, analytical tools, materials, and common test methods used in electronics manufacturing. Industry recognized processes and procedures will be discussed. When applied, these processes may assist with decision-making when designing for manufacturability. This course is ideal for design, process and quality engineers, supervisors and senior technicians desiring to increase their knowledge of electronics manufacturing through both classroom discussion and hands-on experience. Design engineers will enhance their ability to design for manufacturing in a real world environment while process engineers will significantly enhance their process control and manufacturing skills.


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