IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recertification Course


IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recert.

Where | When:

Alabama, Madison | Feb. 07 - Feb. 08, 2018

Alabama, Madison | Apr. 18 - Apr. 19, 2018


CIT's are certified for 2 years and must attend a 16-hour recertification class to maintain their certification status. CIT's will have the opportunity to review the content of the standard in its current revision as well as discuss any clarification of intent resulting from Technical Committee activities. Testing and workmanship samples are required for successful recertification.



  • IL, MI | BEST Inc.
  • CO, AZ | Blackfox Training Institute, LLC
  • TX | Verion Training Systems, LLC
  • CA | Omni Training
  • FL | EEI
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