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In order to increase power module yield and reliability, companies are working on new products for power packaging especially for the common failure locations, die and substrate attach, interconnection and encapsulation. This has resulted in increased performance requirement involving greater packaging density and various material mix.

This webinar provides an overview of potential failures that one can expect by selecting an inappropriate chemistry and important factors that needs to be considered while selecting an optimum cleaning agent. Several case studies will be reviewed which details on how newly improved chemical formulations provides superior material compatibility and cleanliness ensuring high reliability. 

2017 Cleaning Webinar Series

ZESTRON Academy is pleased to invite production operators, managers and process engineers to participate in our FREE 2017 Cleaning Webinar Series. All webinars begin at 1:30 PM ET with a 45 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A.  If there is a specific cleaning topic you are interested in, please visit our customized training page.


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