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Illinois, Rolling Meadows | Mar. 12 - Mar. 14, 2018


The SMT Assembly "Boot Camp" Class is a practical overview of the many differnt processes and materials used in through-hole and surface mount technologies (SMT). It is a focused three-day class, which provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, tools, and materials used in today's manufacture of electronic assemblies. It is taught by a team of experienced and knowledgable engineers and technicians that have worked in a variety of electronics manufacturing related fields. What makes this class unique is that students will see, first hand, the different parts of the SMT assembly process as well as getting some real world experience "under their belts" at various company locations and from a variety of view points.

This is a 3-day lecture and practical “observation” course which teaches students the basic processes for PCB assembly.


  • SMT Assembly certificate of completion


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