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In this One-Day class you will learn successful techniques to re-ball BGA Components.  Both Lead and Lead Free Solder Balls will be covered.  The student will have an opportunity to use and evaluate some of the most popular BGA rework fixtures on the market to include Winslow SolderQuik Preforms, BEST EZ Reball, Heat Direct Reballing Templates, The Universal Reballing Station, and Precision PCB Services, Inc. NEW Multiple BGA Reballing Fixture.

Key Topics covered will be: BGA pad repair, Solder Mask Repair, BGA Reballing, BGA Inspection, Heat Temperature & Profile Development, How to identify and remove BGA pad oxidation, The best performing Re-Balling Fluxes now available on the market,
How to properly prepare the BGA to reduce heat and moisture damage.

Find out for yourself which BGA Reballing Process produces the highest yield at the lowest possible cost.

Students are encouraged to bring their own BGA Chips to practice with.

PRICE:  $325.00 per student. Call (530) 403-9103 to schedule your class today.


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