5-Day Hand Soldering, Rework & Repair Certification Training


PCB Rework and Hand Soldering Courses


In this one week course we combine 3 of our most popular classes: 

  • SR100 - Soldering & Rework of SMT & PTH Components.
  • Soldering for Wires & Terminals.
  • Extensive PCB Board Level Repair Class.

In addition all training will cover techniques and guidelines for both Lead & Lead Free Solders.

Learn techniques developed by instructors Dennis & Lan O’Donnell who have over 45 years combined experience in circuit board assembly, fabrication, rework and repair.

You will learn to become an expert in hand soldering, assembly and rework of the most complex circuit board components.  Then move on to learn extensive board level repair techniques to include repair of SMT & BGA Pads, Laminate, Traces, Gold Contacts, Plated Through Holes and much more!

Evaluate different types of equipment being used in class such as Pace, and Metcal Solder Stations.  Air Vac Solder Fountains, and several different Hot Air Rework Systems.

Price to attend this one week training seminar is only:  $1,400.00.  That is a $275.00 discount off of our standard price if each course were taken separately.

Call (888) 406-2830 to RSVP.  Advanced payment is required.  Seating is limited.



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