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A 12 hour session provided over a 2-day period. Course content covers Through-Hole and Surface Mount hand soldering and component rework. Including Lead and Lead Free Soldering of  Fine Pitch devices. Provides an overview of IPC-A-610, ESD precautions, soldering techniques, flux considerations and the proper use and maintenance of solder and desolder stations.

Each student is provided with a mixed technology board to assemble and an individual work station. With close instructor supervision students learn techniques for installation and removal of through-hole and surface mount components and the proper evaluation of solder joints.

Course covers techniques for reliable SMT & PTH component removal. Removal processes covered will be Thermal Conduction, Hot Air and Solder Fountain use. The course utilizes Pace, Metcal and Air Vac rework equipment.

Price is $600.00 per student for this class.



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