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This webinar series will focus on the x-ray inspection of printed circuit boards. This seminar will be taught by two subject matter experts, one coming from the vantage point of inspection as part of being a service provider and the other from an x-ray researcher who will come at the discussion from an imaging and machine capability standpoint.

With the ever increasing trend towards miniaturization and the use of components with non-visual inspect able criteria, x-ray as QC tool is becoming a necessity even to the Tier 1 PCBA assembly area. Devices with pads underneath the device such as QFNs, LCCCs and LGAs have become the most placed component body style. Without x-ray the inspection and quality inspection cannot be made. Couple this to other devices such as traditional BGAs and ever finer-pitch connectors and the need for x-ray imaging augmenting optical inspection is getting to be a necessity. Even older throughhole devices, with lead-free solders and large thermal masses will test the ability to create proper hole fill. Verification of this hole fill becomes increasingly necessary.

This webinar series will have the following overarching goals:

  • Understand the most important specifications in procuring a modern x-ray machine
  • Understand how x-ray inspection is used to inspect a variety of electronic component body styles including leadless devices, area array devices, high density connectors, throughhole connections and standard SMT components
  • Understand how x-ray inspection is used for inspection, defect analysis and troubleshooting in the SMT process
  • Understand how industry standards tie in with the use of x-ray inspection

Who Should Attend:

  • SMT assembly process engineers and technicians responsible for production or new product introduction processes
  • SMT quality personnel interested in helping improve end-of-line yields and identifying root causes of failures
  • OEM supply chain engineers responsible for supporting and/or assessing SMT assembly contractors
  • Engineers and technicians just entering the SMT field who want to master the science and art of x-ray inspection



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