Photonic Integrated Circuits


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In this webtorial you will be introduced to photonic integrated circuits (PICs). PICs are an emerging technology where photonic circuits (waveguides, lasers, detectors, modulators) are manufactured using integrated circuit technology and closely integrated with microelectronics. The circuits are finding applications in high performance communication, computing and sensing systems. PIC technology is in its infancy, only emerging a decade ago, but is rapidly growing in complexity and demand. Consequently, as the advantages are realized and the manufacturing hurdles are overcome, photonic circuits will become ubiquitous in future microsystems.

You will learn about the fundamental building blocks of PICs, the integration of PICs into the CMOS manufacturing design methodology, and the challenges that remain, particularly with packaging.

Who Should Attend:

General audience with a BS degree in EE, Electronic packaging, Telecommunications or equivalent field.

Two 90 minute Sessions

1:00pm to 2:30pm Eastern

Presented by: Stefan F Preble, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology


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