Fuji CP642/643/CP6/CP7 original brand

Fuji CP642/643/CP6/CP7 original brand

Fuji CP642/643/CP6/CP7 original brand


Fuji CP642/643/CP6/CP7 original brand

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SMT Spare Parts


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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100% original;

Full range of parts available;

short leadtime

We're highly specialized in supply parts for FUJI CP642/643/CP6/CP7.

1, CP642/CP643 X axis servo box; CP643 Z, FQ, FRQ, NC new and second-hand axis servo box.

2, CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new cutter Activity knife: WPK0312 fixed knife: WPK0241; generic cutter.

3, CP6 brand new SLEEVE: WPH0924, X, Y axoneme used screw WSY0021;

4, CP6 the splint cylinder S20655; CDAS 16 * 15 CP6 width of the camera, CP6 original new and used CLUTCH,: WPH0385;

FUJI operation screen buttons, CP6, CP7, XP142, XP143 8MM X 4MM 8MMX2MM brand new Feida gear;

6, CP6 original brand new JOINT rod: AWPL8012, P6 cutter JOINT: WPU0212 the CP6, CP642, CP643 X, Y-axis bearings;

7, CP6/CP642/CP643 original second-hand square cylinder WPA5152;

8 CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new and second-hand HOLDER original HOLDER anti-CD-ROM: WPH3102, factory used large SHAFT: WPH3086;

9, CP6/CP642/CP643 new and used universal joints: K1005Z, rubs Ru head WPH1284;

10, CP6 17,19 optical fiber amplifier A1042T: HPX-T1; CP6, CP642, CP643 the MARK point camera and amplifier (CSGP0063, ACSGP8011, K1132A).

11, CP6/CP642/CP643 anti Feida tilt the sensors A1042A: PX7-CRD;

12, CP6 original HOLDER anti-CD-ROM: WPH3102; fiber H3009A FUJI vacuum pump carbon piece H3103T vacuum pump bearings H4044T vacuum pump belt H4453H;

13 CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new square cylinder with fish-eye bearing WPA5160: PBR8FN;

14, CP6/CP643 original brand new and second-hand small the SHAFT black rod: WPH3120;

15, CP6 0.7/1.0/1.3/3.7 nozzle reflective paper, new filter cotton: WPH2030;

16, CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new brass bearing H4452C;

17, CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new vacuum valve: WPH1182;

18, CP6 JOINT bearing: MBWT5, CP6 round cylinder SENSOR: ZG553A;

19, CP6 original brand new 1.0MM, 1.3MM nozzle;

20, CP6/CP642/CP643 original brand new square cylinder solenoid valve: PCD245-NB;

21, CP6 round cylinder solenoid valve: PCD2413

22 CP6/CP642/CP643 original new round cylinder solenoid valve A12PD25-1L-Z;

23, CP6 17/19 Station fiber S4054Y, CP6 one-way bearing;

24, CP6 CLUTCH: WPH0385, CLUTCH spring: WPH0412;

25, CP6 cutter JOINT: WPU0212 the cutter spring hanging PIN, vacuum valve pressure a PIN;

26, FUJI board IS70B 4800 VISION card, VM1440, AVME-311F, 134CPU card, FH1017A;

27, FUJI board FSC-30D FSC-30E (brand new), the GP91, HIMV924A2 (brand new), MX250RT01, MX250RC44 CP6, CP642, CP643 MEMORY card;

28, CP7 solenoid valve SX5240-5MOZ;

29, CP7 original nozzle reflective paper specification: 0.7MM, 1.0MM, 1.3MM;

30, CP7 original brand new 0.4 (cone) / 1.0MM/1.3MM/1.3melf nozzle, backlight black 0.7MM/1.0MM mouthpiece;

31, CP732/CP742/CP743/CP8 plywood cylinder S2209A;

32, CP732 original cutter, fixed knife: DCPK0040 activities Knife: DCPK0050;

33, CP7 original used UV lamp sets; imitation brand-new; CP742, CP743 factory used large SHAFT;

34, CP7 original brand new HOLDER: DCPH3010 DCPH3011;

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