DEK 265 Screen Clamp

DEK 265 Screen Clamp

DEK 265 Screen Clamp


DEK 265 Screen Clamp

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Air / Vaccuum

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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd


DEK 265 Screen Clamp 119187 


we  also supply a lot of kinds of smt spare parts for long time,the inventory is as follow:


DEK 250mm generic folder edge / ASSY ^ BOARD CLAMPS ^ QUICK RELEASE 250 MM (TXT) SMT-D00038ACTUATOR STEPPER MOTOR LOOM BOM (TXT) SMT-D00103CAN CONTROL CARD (MULTIMOVE) IO (TXT) SMT-D00045DEK 145550 Green camera slider CAMERA, MOUNT SMT-D00014PHOTO SENSOR (SUNX) SMT-D00004The DEK rub stencil strip BOM SQUEEGEE USC 300mm/400MM/520MM (TXT) SMT-D00011The DEK Wipe cylinder CYLINDER 4 STROKE 20 BORE (TXT) SMT-D00008DRIVE BELT ^ CAMERA X ^ STD (TXT) SMT-D10081DEK scraper blades 550mm SMT-D40025DEK steel blade 580mm SMT-D50013The DEK stencil wipe Paper SMT-D00112The DEK solvent-way valve SMT-D00118DEK GSX cover support SMT-D00078SMPSU, 650W WIDE RANGE I / P (FASTON TERMS) (TXT) SMT-D00049PC Power PC POWER SUPPLY 1U (TXT) SMT-D00030


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Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

we can supply SMT machines,SMT spare parts,SMT production consumable and AI spare parts at competitive prices ,like feeders,nozzles,filters,servo motors and various boards . for JUKI,SAMSUNG,Panasonic

Shenzhen, China


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