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Panasonic 450V 4700uf large can cap

Panasonic 450V 4700uf large can cap

Panasonic 450V 4700uf large can cap


Panasonic 450V 4700uf large can cap


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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

CD137 85C Stud electrolytic capacitor

CD137 Screw aluminum electrolytic capacitors, CD137 large can aluminum electrolytic

Capacitor, Professional Inverter aluminum electrolytic capacitor,

Manufacture Supply CD137 Series 5000 Hours 85C long life Large Screw aluminum

Electrolytic capacitor


Capacitance Range: 1000uf -25000uf

Capacitance Tolerance (20C, 120Hz): +-20%

Operating Temperature Range (C):

- 40- +85 Rated Voltage (V): 400-550 VDC


5000 Hours at 85C

High Reliability at High Voltage

Long Life at Compact Size

ROHS Compliant

Professional Inverters and Power Supplies, Such as, IGBT Drivers, Rectifiers, IGBT Power Inverters, AC-DC Converters, SCR AC Controller and DC Converters, High Voltage Converters, Three phase inverters, Single phase inverters, Wind Power Inverters, Solar Power Inverters, High Voltage Power Supplies, Laser power supplies, industrial power supplies.

Rated Voltage: 200V, 250V, 300V, 350V, 400V, 450V, 500V, 550V

Capacitance: 1000uf, 1200uf, 1500uf, 1800uf, 2200uf, 2700uf, 3300uf, 3900uf, 4700uf, 5600uf, 6800uf, 8200uf, 10000uf, 12000uf, 15000uf, 18000uf, 22000uf, 25000uf

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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

Leading Manufacture Supply of Capacitors below: 1, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 2, High Voltage Film Capacitors 3, High Temperature Mica Capacitors 4, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Shanghai, China

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Components

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