Fuji Circuit Cards


Fuji Circuit Cards


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California, USA

Offered by:

SMT Parts, Inc.

1 Epson Dot Matrix Printer

3 Fuji Keyboards

1 Fuji Monitor

New Controller Monitors Available

1 783001D Panadec Card

1 AVME1318F Controller Card

2 AVME324AF Controller Card

2 AVME352AF Controller Card

1 AVME131BF Controller Card

2 AVME131F Controller Card

2 AVME324F Controller Cards

1 AVME352F Controller Card

3 AVME-070 Controller Cards

2 CACR-SR02-AD1KR Amplifier Servo Packs

1 CACR-SR02-AD1KRFR Amplifier Servo Pack

2 CACR-SR05-AD1KR Amplifier Servo Packs

1 CACR-SR05-AD1KRY101 Amplifier Servo Pack

3 CACR-SRA5-AD1KR Amplifier Servo Pack

1 CACR-SR44-BC1CSY349 Amplifier Servo Pack

1 FH1001 Circuit Card

1 FH1001B (SX0031PA) Circuit Card

1 HIMV-924A2 Circuit Card

1 LA-M00001BCMPUD, KN5N-2KN6-N (3H102W) Circuit Card

1 LA-M00003 Circuit Card

1 LA-0001OE (1C162K) Circuit Card

2 MCIF-16 Circuit Card

1 MFU-I/O-8900-0 Circuit Card

1 NCXYX10 Circuit Card

1 NPSA-103MV-E4CS-A Servo Pack.

1 OBC1 Circuit Card

1 PDT-K02-0150 Amplifier Servo Pack

2 PDT-J01-100 San Drivers

PDT-J02-412 (SAA 3051) San Driver

1 FH1015A Circuit Card

1 FH1018A Circuit Card

1 SX0031PA-2 Looks like #FH1001 Circuit Card

1 TSA-150A MTU I/O

4 VM1110TA Circuit Cards

1 VM1152 (K2067A) Circuit Card

4 VM1152A (K2067A) Circuit Cards

2 VM1152B Circuit Cards

1 VM1160A Circuit Card

1 VM1160B Circuit Card

3 VM1310 Circuit Cards

3 VM1410 (K2072A) Circuit Cards

1 VM1210 Circuit Card

1 VM1510 Circuit Card

1 VM1521 Circuit Card

5 VM1530 Circuit Cards

5 VM1540 (K2074A)(FH1001) Circuit Cards

5 VM1540A (K2075A) Circuit Cards

3 VM1610 Circuit Cards

4 VM1710 Circuit Cards

2 VM1730A (K2078A) Circuit Cards

4 VM1930 (K2082A) Circuit Cards

1 VM1930A Circuit Card

2 VM1931 Circuit Cards

Company Information:

SMT Parts, Inc.

SMT Parts, Inc has been supporting the Electronics Assembly Industry with Spare Parts, Feeders, & Accessories at competitive prices since 1998.

Soquel, California, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker

  • Phone 831-477-1518
  • Fax 831-477-1519

SMT Parts, Inc. website

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(47) used SMT equipment marketplace items

(21) SMT parts, accessories & PCB supplies items

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