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Fuji CP6


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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$ 50.00



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Need to make space....All must go....Take all at $50 each ! YES ! $50


Feeders in Singapore Warehouse.  All Fuji Originals, zero copied ones.Can inspect prior to purchase, please send someone down.


All Complete & Working. Infact, some are New in Fuji boxes. Not complete ones will be given FOC.


Please contact for detailed pictures to prove genuinely sale.


Fuji CP6 8x4 P 152

Fuji CP6 8x4 E 67

Fuji CP6 12x4 E 3

Fuji CP6 12x8  E 0

Fuji CP6 16x8  E 46

Fuji CP6 16x4  E 7

Fuji CP6 16x12 E 7

Fuji CP6 24x12 E 1

Fuji CP6 24x8 E 0

Fuji CP6 16x12 E 1

Fuji CP6 16x4  E 9

Fuji CP6 12x4 E 4

Fuji CP6 24x8 E 1

Fuji CP6 24x12 E 12

Total approx. 310pcs

Fuji IP3 8V 10

Fuji IP3 12V

Fuji IP3 16V 50

Fuji IP3 24V 50

Fuji IP3 32V 30

Fuji IP3 44V 40

Fuji IP3 56V 9

Total approx. 200pcs

Fuji CP43 8x4 P 32

Fuji CP43 8x4 E 20

Fuji CP43 8x2 P 45

Fuji CP43 12x4 E 17

Fuji CP43 12X8  E 26

Fuji CP43 16x8 E 0

Fuji CP43 16x12 E 9

Fuji CP43 24x12 E 9


Total approx. 160pcs


The above qty is an approx. There will be more & others like Feeder Racks, Feeder Setup stands & Jigs.


If we can find CP3, CP4 & IP2 feeders in the warehouse, it will be given FREE !!!


No payment until you fully inspect & pack the feeders.


Please contact us for details. Thank you.

Company Information:


Dealer of Used Equipment & Supplies. Fuji Original & Compatible Part Supplies.

Singapore, Singapore


  • Phone 65-9733 9591
  • Fax 65-9733 9591
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