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Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle listed by Xinfa electronics Co. LTD. Add your item for sale/wanted

Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle

Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle

Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle


Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle

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Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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$ 20.00



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Xinfa electronics Co. LTD

Company Information:

Xinfa electronics Co. LTD

Philips Assembleon SMT equipment and spare parts dealer. Provide genuine brand NEW or used machine and spare parts

Shenzhen, China


  • Phone +86 18118763574

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Assembleon L2 L3 L4 L5 nozzle Specs:

below items for sale:

编码1 描述1

292271601588  #N/A

532269322781  SMEMA BOARD

946691824321  #N/A

946691826281  #N/A

949839600002  Board sensor

949839600032  Front board clamp

949839600039  Lubrication kit

949839600044  ALLEN KEY 6X350MM T GRIP

949839600047  Pneumatic controller

949839600051  X-motor

949839600052  Y-motor

949839600055  Z BELT 3 BASE

949839600057  #N/A

949839600066  Valve

949839600079  Hub

949839600081  Motion controller

949839600082  Motion amplifier

949839600091  Touch screen

949839600095  Trolley lift controller

949839600100  Trolley interface board

949839600134  AX NOZZLE L5 (5PC)

949839600135  AX NOZZLE L6 (5PC)

949839600136  AX NOZZLE L7 (5PC)

949839600149  Y SERVO CAL. TOOL


949839600256  Actuator

949839600259  Trolley lift controller

949839600442  Footswitch

949839600521  Z-SPINDLE

949839600562  Nozzlepunches L2-5 (4pc)

949839600565  X- and Z-servo amplifier

949839600848  X-encoder read head

949839601023  X-motor

949839601024  Z-motor

949839601026  Handle CPR

949839601027  Handle SPR

949839601102  AX Controller CAN Card

949839601105  Double tip (50pc)

949839601254  AX NOZZLE L3 (5PC)

949839601255  AX NOZZLE L4 (5PC)

949839601397  AX NOZZLE CPL3 (5PC)

949839601398  AX NOZZLE CPL4 (5PC)

949839601425  FIRE WIRE CARD

949839601599  MOD. KIT X BEAM 5

949839601819  nozzle V1 (4x)

949839601874  AX NOZZLE L8 (5PC)

949839601875  AX set of CV nozzles

949839601876  AX NOZZLE V3 (5PC)

949839601894  BA CAMERA

949839601931  Connection board rev3

949839602025  Flexible cable guide

949839602036  Cooling fan

949839602038  Guarding PCB

949839602118  Pneumatic controller

949839602118  Pneumatic controller

949839602297  Valve

949839700083  #N/A

949839702300  AX PHS LV REP

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