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Samsung smt samsung feeder parts


Samsung smt samsung feeder parts


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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

long-term supply of a large number of JUKI,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG,FUJI,YAMAHA original accessories : feeder,nozzle, O-RING, valve, filter, belt,vacuum sensor board assy , sensors, original XY towline,shaft

shenzhen , China

Distributor, Equipment Dealer / Broker, Pick and Place

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Samsung smt samsung feeder parts Specs:


Full series are available,few are listed below:

P/N: J7000773

Des: Sprocket Assy    

P/N: J7000774

Des: Tape guide Assy  

P/N: J7000775

Des: Pusher lever Assy

P/N: J7000776

Des: Shutter lever Assy

P/N: J7000777

Des: Rachet pusher Assy

P/N: J7000883

Des: Drain pawl Assy  

P/N: J1301164

Des: Bearing          

P/N: J1301164

Des: Bearing          

P/N: J2500010

Des: Locker shaft     

P/N: J2500016

Des: Pitch pawl       

P/N: J2500028

Des: Lever center screw

P/N: J2500036

Des: Feeding spring guide

P/N: J2500038

Des: Clamp lever      

P/N: J7265087A

Des: Forming gear

P/N: J2500060

Des: Reel arm post    

P/N: J2500061

Des: Vinyl guide roller shaft

P/N: J2500062

Des: Vinyl guide roller

P/N: J7065147B

Des: Tape cover       

P/N: J2500064

Des: Rewind link screw

P/N: J2500068

Des: Location pin     

P/N: J2500078

Des: Rachet pusher spring

P/N: J2500457

Des: Pitch pawl spring

P/N: J2500212

Des: Stopper pin      

P/N: J2500392

Des: Eccentric shaft  

P/N: J7265086A

Des: Forming gear

P/N: J2500532

Des: Planet lever     

P/N: J7065423A

Des: Location pin     

P/N: J7000774

Des: Tape Guide Assy 8mm

P/N: J2500393

Des: Backup Guide 8mm

P/N: J2500437

Des: Locker 8mm

P/N: J7000773

Des: Sprocket Assy

P/N: J2500060 

Des: Reel arm post




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