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Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts listed by ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts

Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts

Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts


Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts


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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

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ZK Electronic Technology Co,.Ltd

long-term supply of a large number of JUKI,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG,FUJI,YAMAHA original accessories : feeder,nozzle, O-RING, valve, filter, belt,vacuum sensor board assy , sensors, original XY towline,shaft

shenzhen , China

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Panasonic Feeder nozzle and spare parts Specs:

Original and brand new, large quantity of stock.

# Nozzle 110F 115A 120 130 140 205 206A 225C 226C 230C 235C 240C for 8-Nozzle Head

# Nozzle 110S 115AS 120S 130S 140S 205S 206AS 225CS 226CS 230CS 235CS 240CS for 12-Nozzle Head

# Nozzle 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 for Multi-functional Head

# Nozzle Holder N610009409AA for 8-Nozzle Head

# Nozzle Holder N610075626AA for 12-Nozzle Head

# Filter N210048234AA/N610071334AA

# Valve KXF0DX8NA00 SMC 10-VQ110U-5MO-X46

# Motor N510043555AA for Intelligent Feeder

# Motor N510048142AA for Intelligent Feeder

# Sanyo Denki Motor for Panasonic KME CM101 CM212 CM232 CM401 CM402 CM602 DT401 Platform. Original and brand new3W. P/N N510042740AA. Model: P50BA2002BXS3C

# 20W. P/N N510042738AA. Model: P50B02002BXS2C

# 25W. P/N N510042739AA. Model: P50BA2003BCS4C-

# 50W. P/N KXF0E1LXA00. Model: TS4602N1520-

Panasonic Panasert MSR / HT SMD Pick-up Nozzle

# Original and brand newVS Nozzle -

# M Nozzle -

# L Nozzle -

# LL Nozzle -

# LLL Nozzle

# M Melf Nozzle

# L Melf Nozzle

Panasonic KME CM120 CM20/201/202/301 M9 type Mechanical Feeder

Original, used and in good working condition Vibratory Feeder

Tape Feeder 8*2MM M9A5NSM0000

Tape Feeder 8*4MM M9A1NSM0000

Paper Feeder 8*2MM M9B5CSM0000

Tape Feeder 12*4MM M9C1CVM0000

Tape Feeder 12*8MM M9C2CVM0000

Tape Feeder 16*12MM M9D3CV0000

Tape Feeder 16*4MM M9D1CVM0000

Tape Feeder 16*8MM M9D2CVM0000

Tape Feeder 24*12MM M9E3CVM0000

Tape Feeder 24*8MM M9E2CVM0000

Tape Feeder 32*12MM M9F3CVM0000

Tape Feeder 32*8MM M9F2CVM0000

Tape Feeder 44*12MM M9H3CVM0000

Tape Feeder 44*16MM M9H4CVM0000

Tape Feeder 44*24MM M9H6CVM0000

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