Nano Tronix NCM-1000

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Nano Tronix NCM-1000

Nano Tronix NCM-1000


Nano Tronix NCM-1000


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Nano Tronix NCM-1000

Nano Tronix NCM-1000 Multi-Function Cable Fault Locator

NanoTronix's Multi-function cable fault locator (Model No.: NCM-1000) is an excellent and highly accurate portable measuring instrument to check problem anddistance to events on cable using three testing methods: Metallic Time-Domain Reflectometer(MTDR), Resistance Fault Locator(RFL) and Open mode. It also provides additional three functions, found in DMMs (Digital Multi-Meters): DC voltage measurement, resistance measurement and capacitance measurement.

The MTDR shows the continuity of characteristic impedance along the cable under test applying electrical pulses, which is ideal for checking faults (such as complete open & short, partial open & short, loose connection, broken lines, loading coil etc.) on any cables which consist of at least two metallic conductors (such as telephone lines, power lines, UTP networks, CATV or CCTV, lines etc.).

The RFL figures out the total length and distance to the insulation resistance reduction point on cables with three metallic conductors. It calculates the distance and insulation resistance with high accuracy via Murray Loop Testing method.

The Open mode calculates the total length or distance to an open circuit of extremely long cables up to 100km. It measures the total capacitance of the cable under test and converts it to distance based on the information about capacitance per unit length of the cable.

NCM-1000 performs all the measurement process automatically and displays the results in the graphic and tabular forms through a color graphic TFT LCD screen with 640x480 pixel resolution. The instrument is designed to make the user determine easily the conditions of the cable being measured.

NCM-1000 is an excellent instrument for the cable installation, maintenance, repair after fault finding regardless of the cable installation environment.

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