Hioki IM3570

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Hioki IM3570

Hioki IM3570


Hioki IM3570


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Single-device solution for high-speed measurement, even when switching between different measurement conditions

The need to take readings of multiple parameters under different conditions (frequency, level) when measuring components such as capacitors sometimes necessitates the use of multiple measuring instruments on a single production line. Because the IM3570 is capable of making continuous measurements at high speed under different measurement conditions, HIOKI provides a single-instrument solution for such applications.

Twice the testing speed (compared to previous instruments)

Compared to existing HIOKI instruments such as the 3532-50, the IM3570 delivers dramatically shortened measurement times. In LCR mode, the new instrument realizes a testing speed improvement of more than 200% compared to the 5 ms measurement times typically obtained with the older design.

The benefits of the IM3570 are clear in settings such as production lines where 100% inspection of electronic components is required.

Order-of-magnitude improvement in measurement repeatability (*Over 100 measurements at 1 mΩ)

Low-ESR functional polymer capacitor designs necessitate measurement precision in the order of several milliohms. By improving precision during low-impedance measurement by an order of magnitude compared to previous instruments, the IM3570 ensures operators ability to realize stable measurement.

Extensive range of measurement frequencies

The IM3570 allows frequency band configuration at 5-digit resolution for DC signals and within the range of 4 Hz to 5 MHz (resolution: 0.01 Hz under 1 kHz). This capability allows measurement of resonant frequencies as well as measurement and evaluation of components in a state that approaches operating conditions.

Fifteen measurement parameters

The IM3570 measures a total of 15 parameters, including Z and Y, and data can be captured to a computer as needed.

Contact check function for preventing false measurement results

The IM3570 offers contact check functionality for both two- and four-terminal measurement. By preventing measurements from being taken while the measurement electrodes are not in contact with the object under measurement, the instrument helps avoid inadvertent shipment of untested products.

Broad range of measurement currents and voltages

In addition to normal open loop signal generation, the IM3570 can take into account voltage and current dependence in constant-voltage and constant-current modes. Users can set measurement signal levels over a broad range extending from 5 mV to 5 V and from 10 μA to 50 mA (up to 1 MHz).

Measurement cables of up to 4m in length

Accuracy is guaranteed to a measurement cable length of 4 m thanks to a design that reduces the effects of cable length through the use of four-terminal-pair measurement. This feature simplifies wiring in automated testing equipment.

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