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Samsung cp feeder parts listed by HuiKe Tech. Add your item for sale/wanted

Samsung cp feeder parts

Samsung cp feeder parts

Samsung cp feeder parts


Samsung cp feeder parts


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Samsung cp feeder parts Specs:

Below samsung smt cp feeder parts are manufactured in China,so no need to describe too much about price,what's the difference is that you will surely like it when you try them on machines,just based on the proved quality,please contact to get a quotation firstly:

P/N: J7000773 Des: Sprocket Assy

P/N: J7000774 Des: Tape guide Assy

P/N: J7000775 Des: Pusher lever Assy

P/N: J7000776 Des: Shutter lever Assy

P/N: J7000777 Des: Rachet pusher Assy

P/N: J7000883 Des: Drain pawl Assy

P/N: J1301164 Des: Bearing

P/N: J1301164 Des: Bearing

P/N: J2500010 Des: Locker shaft

P/N: J2500016 Des: Pitch pawl

P/N: J2500028 Des: Lever center screw

P/N: J2500036 Des: Feeding spring guide

P/N: J2500038 Des: Clamp lever

P/N: J7265087A Des: Forming gear 2

P/N: J2500060 Des: Reel arm post

P/N: J2500061 Des: Vinyl guide roller shaft 2

P/N: J2500062 Des: Vinyl guide roller 2

P/N: J7065147B Des: Tape cover

P/N: J2500064 Des: Rewind link screw

P/N: J2500068 Des: Location pin

P/N: J2500078 Des: Rachet pusher spring

P/N: J2500457 Des: Pitch pawl spring

P/N: J2500212 Des: Stopper pin

P/N: J2500392 Des: Eccentric shaft

P/N: J7265086A Des: Forming gear 1

P/N: J2500532 Des: Planet lever

P/N: J7065423A Des: Location pin

P/N: J7000774 Des: Tape Guide Assy 8mm

P/N: J2500393 Des: Backup Guide 8mm

P/N: J2500437 Des: Locker 8mm

P/N: J7000773 Des: Sprocket Assy

P/N: J2500060 Des: Reel arm post

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