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TDK TDK AI parts

TDK TDK AI parts


TDK TDK AI parts


Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

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HuiKe Tech

P/N: 446-02-104 Des: JOINT H-CLUTCH

P/N: 446-04-001 Des: CHUCK PROPER

P/N: 446-04-002 Des: SLIDE

P/N: 446-04-004 Des: SPRING STOPPER

P/N: 446-04-005 Des: SPRING PAWL

P/N: 446-04-006 Des: SLIDER STOPPER

P/N: 446-04-008 Des: HOLDER

P/N: 446-04-009 Des: SPRING HOLDER

P/N: 446-04-009J Des: SPRING HOLDER

P/N: 446-04-010 Des: HOLDER CAP

P/N: 446-04-011 Des: SPRING HOOK

P/N: 446-04-012 Des: PIN-A

P/N: 446-04-013 Des: PIN-B

P/N: 446-04-014 Des: PIN-C

P/N: 446-04-015 Des: ROLLER

P/N: 446-04-016 Des: SPRING

P/N: 446-04-017 Des: SPRING 446-04-017A

P/N: 446-04-018 Des: SPRING

P/N: 446-04-03L Des: CHUCK PAWL-L

P/N: 446-04-03R Des: CHUCK PAWL-R


P/N: 446-04-800 Des: CHUCK UNIT MINI ASS'Y

P/N: 446-05-002 Des: TAPE CLAMP

P/N: 446-05-006 Des: TORSION SPRING

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HuiKe Tech

The NO.1 One-Stop sourcing station in SMT & PCB Assembly industries with over 10 years of professional experiences,you can always get the high quality products with the cheapest price!

shenzhen, China

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