Chroma 7120

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Chroma 7120

Chroma 7120


Chroma 7120


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Test Equipment Connection

LCD Color Analyzer

Chroma Model 7120 CRT Color Analyzer for measuring the color LCD monitor and the white balance of the multi-component factor devices, to provide LCD monitors the production process of measuring the brightness and color control operations, such as brightness, color purity, white balance ? and other tests to be key.

The product is the use of advanced technologies such as microprocessors and optoelectronics research and development is made with high speed and accurate color measurement capabilities, the switch has three different color coordinate system, applicable to a variety of different needs. Graphical computer interface and control software provides the user through a computer monitor, operation and automated testing capabilities, enhance the production efficiency of the industry's testing, reduce testing and labor costs.

In addition, the products built with NVRAM memory device and select the memory card; the user can store the complete set of data files, convenient to use the next call. By using the RS-232C interface provides high speed data transmission, can be integrated automatically by a computer control system testing and tuning, for LCD monitor applications such as production testing and QC. The other match special positioning jig, users do not need a darkroom in the measurements of the environment, and focus, face size tested confirmed not have to spend most of the time, greatly enhance the production line or quality control testing the efficiency of operation.

Supply Chroma7120, Chroma 7120 Color Analyzer

LCD white balance detection of non-contact measurement

Multiple display modes: xyY, T uvY, RGB

Wide range of light measurement test: 0.20 ~ 999cd/m2 or 0.06 ~ 292fL

High-accuracy measurement

Measurement area: 25mm and 50mm diameter

Fast measurement speed: 5 times per second

With a PC, images can be recorded, stored, and E-mail delivery

12 groups of users to use the memory address correction

The control software, advanced graphics acceleration color adjustment

Select with memory card can store and expand the data set

USA & Canada:(800) 615-8378

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