Time Electronics 5069

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Time Electronics 5069

Time Electronics 5069


Time Electronics 5069


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Time Electronics 5069 INSCAL Insulation Tester Calibration System w/ Factory Certificate

Insulation resistance from 100Kohm to 100Gohm

Basic accuracy 1%

10kV max

Battery operation

Continuous connection - no arcing

Fully shrouded safety connectors

Display of open circuit voltage (0-1.999kV or 0-10kV)

Display of short circuit current (0-2mA or 0-20mA)


The 5069 is a precision instrument suitable for calibrating and testing general purpose insulation testers with test voltages up to 10kV.

It is constructed in a high strength co-polymer plastic case and is powered by a rechargeable battery. This ensures full isolation from the mains and prevents stray leakage. The insulation tester being calibrated can be tested for open circuit voltage and short circuit current. These are displayed on the digital meter mounted on the front panel. The insulation resistance is provided by a precision 4 dial decade resistance bank which can be set to a maximum of 99.99Gohm with additional resistance values of 100kohm, 200kohm, 500kohm, 1Mohm, 2Mohm and 5Mohm which can be switched in as required.

The 5069 is constructed in the same style as Time Electronics well established 5080 PatCal but is suitable for use up to 10kV.

NIST/UKAS Calibration Certificates can be provided at an additional charge.

USA & Canada:(800) 615-8378

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Test Equipment Connection

The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Inspection, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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