Chroma 63472

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Chroma 63472

Chroma 63472


Chroma 63472


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Test Equipment Connection

As a result of the exploding increase in CPU complexity according to Moore's Law, all modern processors require a low voltage with high instantaneous current power source. Voltage Regulator Modules, along with embedded solutions, are the only way to correctly supply these currents. A need to simulate this low voltage, high current with fast di/dt loading has become more important than ever. Every main board design using a VRM, Intel Itanium power pod or an embedded regulator (VRD) will need processor voltage supply performance qualification.

Integrating Intel's latest high di/dt test technology with years of experience in the design and manufacture of highly accurate, precision DC load and measurement instrumentation, the Chroma 63472 electronic load is your total solution for qualifying all main board Intel processor power performance requirements!

The Chroma 63472 electronic load provides 150A of static, DC load with 150A of dynamic load - featuring up to 1000A/ s slew rate! This fully controllable capability, along with Dynamic VID control and sophisticated efficiency, timing, V/I measurements functions, comprises a total solution - all in one unit. Gone is the need for the individual equipment stack of traditional test setups, saving precious bench space and expense. The Chroma 63472 can replace a function generator, oscilloscope, DVM, DC load bank, in addition to any customized dynamic load and VID control circuitry.

Similarly, the Chroma 63472 makes an economical choice for all your production line test requirements. From industry data, more than 5% of today's main boards fail due to onboard converter failures. The Chroma 63472 can quickly identify suspect units in production - well ahead of an expensive service call.

# Designed for VRM, embedded VRD and Intel ItaniumTM Power Pod testing

# Static Loading:

Power rating: 200W

Voltage range: 0-2V

Current range: 150A

# Dynamic Loading

Current range: 150A

Slew rate: Up to 1000A/ s

Dynamic Freq: Up to 1MHz

Duty control: 10-90%

# Built-in and user definable VID tables for flexibility

# Efficiency test

# Timing measurement for PowerGood

# Dynamic VID simulation

# Current monitor output

# Measurements

Static mode: Vdc, Idc

Dynamic mode: Vpk+, Vpk-

Dynamic VID: Vpk check, Vdc for last VID

# Customized adapter boards for different types of VRMs, CPU sockets or Power Pod

# Full protection: OP,OC and OV protection

# Versatile remote controller

# GPIB and drivers interface

# LabView Soft-panel

USA & Canada:(800) 615-8378

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Test Equipment Connection

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Lake Mary, Florida, USA

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