Mirae C & 1010 feeders


Mirae C & 1010 feeders


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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ShenZhen J-wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd

The following Mirae C and 1010 Feeders for sale,contact me if you need.

Mirae 1010 Feeder 8MM 44

Mirae 1010 Feeder 12MM 1

Mirae 1010 Feeder 16MM 1

Mirae 1010 Feeder 24MM 1

Mirae 1010 Feeder 44MM 1

Mirae C Feeder 8*4MM 119

Mirae C Feeder 12MM 4

Mirae C Feeder 16MM 12

Mirae C Feeder 24MM 16

Mirae C Feeder 32MM 6

Mirae C Feeder 12MM 60

Mirae C Feeder 8*2 6

Mirae C Feeder 8*4 41

Mirae C Feeder 24MM 10

Mirae C Feeder 16MM 50

Mirae C Feeder 8*2MM 50

Mirae C stick Feeder 1

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ShenZhen J-wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd

We provide original spare parts for pick and place machines, also we produce SMT peripheral equipment: semi auto printers, solder mixers, PCB loaders, PCB unloaders, PCB separators, SMD chip counters, SMD taping machines and so on

ShenZhen, China

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

  • Phone +86 137 1464 7730

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