Promax ProLink-4C

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Promax ProLink-4C

Promax ProLink-4C


Promax ProLink-4C


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

The PROLINK4 Premium is the most advanced, versatile and precise instrument of its range. Analog signals, Level, Video/Audio and Carrier/Noise measurements are available. For digital signals, the instrument measures Channel Power, Carrier/Noise and Bit Error Rate (with DVB Channel Identification as well as MPEG-2 decoding and wrong packet detection).

For BER measurements on QPSK (Satellite) signals, the measurements is taken before and after the first correction algorithm (Viterbi), thus obtaining the necessary information to verify. It complies with all DVB recommended quality parameters. To ensure quality reception on CATV networks, BER and MER is measured, as well as, an analysis of the return path. For Digital Terrestrial Television (COFDM), measurements of BER and CSI (Channel Status Information) are taken within necessary parameters to quantify the quality of such a transmission system.

Apart from the already mentioned measurements, the PROLINK-4 Premium monitors the number of wrong packets received over a certain period of time, with the objective of finding out what caused the interruptions. Another interesting function is the automatic identification of the services provided by the operator (PROMAX patent), as well as the ability to decode MPEG-2 signals and visualize them on the monitor as you would with an analog signal.

Equipped with Li+ batteries, the PROLINK-4 Premium has an autonomy of more than 3 hours with a very reduced charging time and without the inconvenience of the memory effect. It is ideal for field use because it has been designed with shock protectors to cope with drops and small hits. The entire instrument, including the front panel, is prepared so to support changing environmental conditions such as dust and rain. The instrument comes with a carrying bag. An optional hard carrying case is available.

Key Features:

TV & Satellite Measurements for Analog & Digital Channels

COFDM, QPSK and QAM Measurements

MPEG decoder for free and encrypted channels

Automatic Measurements

Constellation for QAM and COFDM

5" display (available for PROLINK-4C Premium)

Measurements for Wi-Fi and DAB technologies

Continuous tuning from 5-862 MHz and 900-2150 MHz

Color or Monochrome LCD Display Resolution:

- 50 kHz (5-862 MHz),

- 500 kHz (900-2150 MHz)

75 RF Input Impedance

Company Information:

Test Equipment Connection

The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Inspection, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

  • Phone 407-804-1299
  • Fax 407-804-1277

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