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Kimberly Kimtech kimwipes

Kimberly Kimtech kimwipes

Kimberly Kimtech kimwipes


Kimberly Kimtech kimwipes

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Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

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Wisconsin, USA

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Shenzhen Kanghongjin Electronic Co.,Ltd.

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Shenzhen Kanghongjin Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Manufacturer of SMT supplies:splice tape,splice tool,understencil cleanning roll,cleanroom wiper,ESD products,Kapton tape,component taping materials.

Shenzhen, China

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Kimberly Kimtech kimwipes Specs:

Kimtech Science* Kimwipes

The ultra low dust, saves the massive wipe time; The paper is exquisite, cannot blow the perianth to wipe the surface; Guards against the static electricity thin film, prevents the static electricity and the dust production effectively; The good dry wet strength, damages not suitably; 100% primary wood-pulp match by the special processing craft, the quality of material is pure, highly effective absorbing water; Many kinds of specification choice, meets the different use needs.

Application situation: The science, the analysis and so on precision instrument cleaning is clean;

The coordinate solvent carries on the product surface to be clean; Precision primary device cleaning;

Printing equipment clean; Special part packing:

0131-10 white 110mm * 210mm

0132-00 white 215mm * 210mm

0135-00 white 370mm * 420mm

0136-00 white 300mm * 300mm

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