Televes H45-5993

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Televes H45-5993

Televes H45-5993


Televes H45-5993


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Test Equipment Connection

Televes H45-5993.

Televes Field Strength Meters H45 Advance System Analyzer (USA Version)

The Televes H45 (5993) Advance System Analyzer is a milestone in the field strength meters world. The latest technology and high-end features in a complete range, that will never be outdated ,due to its capability of being upgradable at any time. Its easy and intuitive interface , becomes the instrument in a reference for all the installers .

Real-Time Digital Processing:

Extreme accuracy and versatility, next generation advanced set of functions. Real-Time sweeping speeds allow the detection of the faintest transients, ingress or spurious signals affecting your system.

MPEG4 Full-HD TV signal display and measurements:

On screen HDTV image, full MPEG4 signal analysis, true 1080P resolution. Combo mode with image, spectrum and measurements on one single screen.

Optical Interface with built-in receiver:

Demodulation, visualization of HDTV image and measurement of all the TV signal quality parameters directly from the fiber feed, plus optical power reading on every screen.

Professional Grade Spectrum Analyzer:

Universal band analyzer from 2MHz to 3.3GHz*, 60dB of dynamic range, span settings ranging from 100KHz to 3.3GHz*, reference level resolution of 1dB, BER reading on the spectrum screen, zoom function, min-max hold, marks, tilt calculation function, triggers, selectable RBW and VBW filters, etc.

Workflow automation:

Check quality marks give an instantaneous confirmation of the quality parameters being tested. Scan & Log, next channel auto search, satellite auto identification, memories, macros, datalogger, graph-logs, etc.

H-Suite Software:

Automatically update the meter software, channel plans and suite features over the internet, save backups, customize channel plans, customize threshold levels for quality analysis, graph and data analysis and measurements, export job reports as spreadsheets or graphs, etc.

Portability and Ease of use:

User-friendly interface, every function is accessible while holding the unit with two hands, capacitive control knob technology makes browsing faster and more precise. Robust design, high reliability. Li-Ion batteries with intelligent management software provide an autonomy of more than 4 hours in a meter of only 5 lbs of weight.

The latest technology applied to the field strength meters has created a total revolution in the installers way of working. The current idea of the installation process as a laborious and hard-working task, will make history. Automatizing the operations/measurements, will allow the installer to scan and analyze all the signals in the outlet. Moreover, channels identification and graphically plotting is a reality.All the collected data in the installation site is internally stored in the memory meter. Besides this memory, the H45 has a SD card (Advance model) that offers the possibility of uploading the data stored in the meter. Hsuite software is included in the H45 product line.

(Please Note - Only Available in the USA)

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