Keithley 2635

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Keithley 2635


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Keithley 2635.

Key Features and Benefits

Combines a precision power supply, true current source, DMM, arbitrary waveform generator, V or I pulse generator with measurement, electronic load, and trigger controller — all in one instrument

10,000 readings/s and 5,500 source-measure points/s to memory provide faster test times

Embedded Test Script Processor offers unparalleled system automation and two to four times the test throughput of competitive products in I-V functional test applications

Family of products offers wide dynamic range: 1fA to 10A and 1 V to 200V

TSP-Link master/slave connection seamlessly integrates multiple Series 2600 SourceMeter channels into a system that can be programmed and controlled as a single instrument

Free Test Script Builder software simplifies creating powerful test scripts for programming custom test functions

Free LabTracer 2.0 software available for curve tracing and fast, easy startup

Each SourceMeter channel is electrically isolated for high integrity measurements and wiring flexibility

Industry's highest SMU rack density for automated test applications

The single-channel Model 2635 and dual-channel Model 2636 are the newest members of Keithley's Series 2600 family of multi-channel I-V test solutions. With 1fA measurement resolution, the Models 2635 and 2636 are optimized for applications that require low current sourcing and measurement capabilities and are the ideal choice for your next semiconductor parametric analysis and test system. Like the rest of the Series 2600 family, each half-rack, 2U instrument combines a precision power supply, a true current source, 5½-digit multimeter, a voltage or current pulse generator with measurement, a low frequency arbitrary waveform generator, an electronic load, and a trigger controller. Series 2600 System SourceMeter instruments offer electronic component and semiconductor device manufacturers a scalable, high throughput, highly cost-effective solution for precision DC, pulse, and low frequency AC source-measure testing. Series 2600 instruments provide from two to four times the test speed of competitive solutions in I-V functional test applications. They also offer higher source-measure channel density and a significantly lower cost of ownership than competing products. The analog-to-digital converters provide simultaneous I and V measurements in less than 100 s (10,000 rdgs/s) and source-measure sweep speeds of less than 200 s per point (5,500 points/s). This high speed source-measure capability, plus advanced automation features and time-saving software tools, make Series 2600 SourceMeter instruments an ideal solution for I-V testing of a wide range of devices.

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