Agilent 8757A

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Agilent 8757A

Agilent 8757A


Agilent 8757A


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Test Equipment Connection

Agilent HP 8757A.

Scalar Network Analyzer, 60GHz

The HP 8757A features 76 dB of dynamic range (-60 dBm to +16 dBm) when used with the HP 11664 A/E detectors. With square wave modulation and detection (AC), the HP 11664 detectors enable reliable, drift-free measurements from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. With the HP 85025 and 8506 AC/DC detectors, make scalar measurements with or without modulation to 100 GHz. In DC mode (no modulation), use the HP 85025 A/B to make accurate swept-frequency measurements of power (dBm).

High directivity bridges (>40 dB) covering RF and microwave frequencies help produce excellent measurement results. Using the HP 85020 series and 85027 series directional bridges, make accurate measurements of reflection and transmission parameters simultaneously.

Calibrate your test system, and make normalized measurements with 0.01 dB vertical resolution. Select the optimum horizontal resolution for your application, by choosing 101, 201, 401, 801, or 1601 data points. Lower resolution allows faster sweep times. Calibrate with full 1601 point resolution over your frequency range. Then zoom in on a narrower frequency span and retain calibration. The HP 8757A interpolates the calibration data automatically.

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