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SPAA05-NEX GPS based Antenna

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SPAA05-NEX  GPS based Antenna

SPAA05-NEX  GPS based Antenna


SPAA05-NEX GPS based Antenna


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The SPAA05-NEX GPS based Antenna Alignment Tool is specially designed to improve the nominal antenna Bearing (Azimuth) of GSM, CDMA, WiMax, WiFi, LTE, Microwave, and UMTS Mobile Networks. Accurate antenna alignment can improve key performance indicators such as network accessibility and call retainability. Give Your Customers Accuracy With conventional antenna alignment methods such as a magnetic compass or triangulation, most installation companies cannot achieve the current carrier requirements of between plus-or-minus 3 inches or plius-or-minus 5 inches. For that reason, most US and European Network operators have made the SPAA05 tool their standard and preferred antenna alignment method.

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ACCURACY The SPAA05-NEX uses precision GPS Technology to measure, in real time, the exact antenna bearing (AZIMUTH) within 2 minutes after the system is activated. The resulting bearing is accurate within a tolerance of plus-or-minus 0.5 inches

EASY TO USE The SPAA05-NEX was design with the Tower Technician in mind. Our fast-lock antenna clamp solutions makes antenna attachments a breeze. Our measurement display units are easy to read and update in real-time.

RECORD YOUR RESULTS A simple 3-step procedure measures and stores an antenna bearing as well as additional site information. Our file encryption process stores the measured azimuth along with position, date, and time stamp. Back-office processing takes just a few minutes per site leaving you with a carrier approved preformatted report.


* GPS Antenna Boom with an integrated

* Alignment Computer and Bluetooth Transmitter.

* Fast Lock Antenna Clamp

* Home/Car Portable Battery Charger

* HP IPAQ Touch-Screen PDA

* Wired Remote Display Unit

* Hard Carrying Case for Entire Package

* Soft Carrying Case for Tower use.

* Data Translator Back?office Processing

* Software and Report Generator

* ON/OFF Key Dongle and Battery Check

* Safety Lanyard

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