Hioki 3145-20

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Hioki 3145-20


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Hioki 3145-20 PRO. Noise HiLogger with 9754 Clamp

Electrical noise interference is a major cause of trouble with electronic device such as damage, malfunctions and communications disruptions. Model 3145-20 is an on-site noise measurement instrument designed to measure the conducted noise that appears on power, earthing and telecom lines resulting from ingress of radiated noise. Using the 3145-20 can shorten the time required for noise investigation and development of countermeasures suppression.

By employing a non-contact noise sensor, investigation of noise affecting electronic devices can be performed simply, in the active state. The instrument simultaneously displays the noise levels in multiple contiguous frequency bands, and a peak detection function can be used to reliably capture one-shot noise surges such as from lightning, contact switching and ESD. By recording and displaying noise measurements as a time series, the timing and other characteristics of the noise can be seen at a glance.

Advanced Features

* Lightweight and compact, for easy on-site noise investigations

Until now, large and expensive measurement instruments were required for noise analysis, making on-site noise investigations often problematic. Model 3145-20 is a small, lightweight instrument dedicated to noise measurement and especially suitable for on-site noise investigations.

* Non-contact noise sensor

The non-contact noise sensor eliminates the need to worry about electric shock or communications disruption, even when measuring noise on active power, telecom and earth lines.

* Measurement frequency range corresponds to most radiated electromagnetic noise

The 3145-20 measures noise over the broad range of 10 kHz to 100 MHz, so it is able to measure a wide variety of noise.

* Noise levels displayed on a large LCD

Detected noise is separated into seven contiguous bands, each of which is displayed simultaneously in a bar graph, so you can see the nature of the noise at a glance.

* One-Shot noise detection

One-shot noise such as surges and ESD noise, which are hard to detect with a spectrum analyzer or digital oscilloscope, are reliably captured by the peak detection function.

* Capable of measuring earth line noise

Because the HiLOGGER measures noise current, noise on earth lines that had been difficult to measure can now be measured easily.

* Records noise level fluctuations over time

The HiLOGGER records and displays fluctuations of noise over time in seven frequency bands, ideal for long-term noise monitoring and investigating times of event occurrence. It can also monitor unpredictable noise events. Noise fluctuations over time can be displayed as a time-series graph on the instrument's LCD.

* Alarm function

An alarm sounds when the noise level exceeds a specified threshold. Alarm occurrence levels and times are automatically recorded, so the dates and times of rare and unpredictable noise interference events are revealed.

* Network connection

A LAN terminal is included for connection to an intranet or to the Internet. Remote control of the instrument and measurement monitoring can be performed using a Web browser such as Internet Explorer. In addition, alarm notifications can be sent by e-mail.

* Bundled PC application program

Noise measurement data recorded on the 3145-20 can be viewed on a personal computer. Additional program capabilities include a search function for finding measurement data according to specified criteria, time-series graph printing and CSV format conversion.


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