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Megger 835140

Megger 835140

Megger 835140


Megger 835140


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

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Megger 835140 Specs:

Megger 835140. Battery Ground Fault Locator

The Battery Ground-Fault Locator (BGL) simplifies the tracking of ground faults on floating dc-powered control systems.

It features automatic operation, can be used on live battery systems and has the unique capability of detecting, tracking and locating multiple faults on a battery system without having to resort to sectionalizing.

This is accomplished by injecting a low- amplitude 25 Hertz test signal on either the positive or negative side the power bus and tracking the signal with one of several available clamp-on sensor probes.

A fault simulator also is provided with the instrument, allowing the periodic verification of the resistance and capacitance ranges of the BGL.

* Reads resistance directly (1 ohm to 100 kilohms)

* Locates single or multiple ground faults

* Operates on floating or resistance-grounded battery systems

* Operates on live battery systems

* Operates in the presence of surge-correction capacitors

* Fused output leads for maximum user safety

* Battery operated with internal automatic charger

* Measures capacitance

* Lightweight and portable

* Tough polyethylene plastic sealed enclosure that provides high shock and vibration resistance

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