Megger LTW425-EN

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Megger LTW425-EN

Megger LTW425-EN


Megger LTW425-EN


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Megger LTW425-EN.

MEGGER LTW425-EN AC Loop Impedance Tester

Megger LTW425-EN, High Resolution Two-Wire Loop Tester to 0.001 ohm resolution (high current). PFC to 40kA


* 2 Wire Non-tripping loop tester

* 50 V to 440 V operation

* 110 V centre-tap loop testing

* CATIV installation testing

* AUTO start - operation

* 0.001 ½ resolution (LTW425)

The new Megger two wire earth loop testers verify the loop impedance of a live electrical circuit, ie without the need to disconnect the electrical supply. The new LTW300 series instruments offer a 2 wire loop testing solution that does not trip 30 mA RCDs and can be used on a wide range of voltages.

LTW425 - 2 wire + maxZ + (R1+R2) + 0.001 Ω

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Test Equipment Connection

The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Inspection, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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