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Tektronix CMD80 with Options

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Tektronix CMD80 with Options

Tektronix CMD80 with Options


Tektronix CMD80 with Options


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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Tektronix CMD80-B1-B3-B60-B61-B62-B82-B14-. CMD80-B1-B3-B60-B61-B62-B82-B14-K1-K2 Communication Analyzer

The Rohde Schwarz/Tektronix CMD80 is a Digital Radio Communication Tester. It offers fast measurement speeds, high measurement accuracy , repeatability, reliability and flexibility. The CMD80 supports CDMA, TDMA, Analog, and dual band Cellular/ PCS mobile radios in one instrument. Remote control is via IEEE488/IEC625 bus. Autotest modes feature complete mobile testing at a keystroke. The CMD80 is suitable for production, development and service activities. A large backlit LCD screen prompts user with test and setup information. Internal service modes provide exact fault location.


B1 - Adds OCXO reference oscillator.

B3 - Multi-frequency reference I/O for DUT and measuring instruments @ 2.048/10/13/26/39 or 52 MHz.

B14 - Rate set 2 extension for CDMA mobile phones.

B17/B17IQ - Provides I/Q signal outputs for SMIQ Signal Generator for conformity tests under fading conditions.

B60 - Internal option required to support B61 and B62 options.

B61 - Adds IEEE488/IEC625 GPIB Interface.

B62 - Adds memory card interface.

B81 - Lets white gaussian noise be added to the base station signal, simulating CDMA traffic channels.

B82 - Analog extension. Allows AMPS, N-AMPS, and J/N/E-TACS mobile radio measurements.

B83 - Message monitor interprets & displays CDMA forward/reverse link messages on Windows 95/NT pc's.

B84 - IS-136 extension. Allows testing of D-MAPS mobile phones.

K1 - CDMA cellular extension. Allows 800 MHz CDMA measurements on CDMA mobile phones in cellular band.

K2 - CDMA PCS extension. Allows 1900/1700 MHz CDMA measurements on CDMA mobile phones in PCS band.

U22 - Controller board upgrade option.

U82 - Analog board upgrade

U84 - Link handler upgrade

1R - Rack mount adapter for 19 inch rack.

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