Agilent 85024A

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Agilent 85024A

Agilent 85024A


Agilent 85024A


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Test Equipment Connection

Agilent HP 85024A. High frequency probe, 300 kHz to 3 GHz

The 85024A High-Frequency Probe makes it easy to perform in-circuit measurements. An input capacitance of only 0.7 pF shunted by 1 megohm of resistance permits high frequency probing without adversely loading the circuit under test. Excellent frequency response and unity gain guarantee high accuracy in swept measurements with this probe. High probe sensitivity and low distortion levels allow measurements to be made while taking advantage of the full dynamic range of RF analyzers. Spectrum Analyzers that supply probe power from the front panel include the 8568B, 8590B, 8591A,8560A, 8561B, 8562A/B and 71100A. RF Network Analyzers such as the 8733D, 8752C, 8751A, 3577A, and 4195A are also directly compatible. You can use this probe with other instruments by using the 1122A Probe Power Supply (sold separately) or any dual ?15V, 130 mA supply.

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