Fluke 2625A

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Fluke 2625A

Fluke 2625A


Fluke 2625A


Test Equipment

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Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

Fluke 2625A. Portable Data Acquisition(Data Logger)

Performance Characteristics

Simultaneous Channels 21 ch

Number of bits 17 bits

Measurement Parameter ACV,DCV,Frequency,Resistance

Minimum Frequency 15 Hz

Maximum Frequency 1 MHz

DC Volts Minimum Range 90 mV

DC Volts Maximum Range 300 V

DC Volts Minimum Resolution 1 uV

DC Volts Maximum Resolution 10 mV

DC Volts Basic 1 yr accuracy 0.04 %

AC Volts Minimum Range 90 mV

AC Volts Maximum Range 300 V

AC Volts Minimum Resolution 10 uV

AC Volts Maximum Resolution 10 mV

AC Volts Basic 1 yr accuracy 5.0 %

Resistance Minimum Range 300 ohm

Resistance Maximum Range 10 Mohm

Resistance Minimum Resolution 10 mohm

Resistance Maximum Resolution 100 ohm

Resistance Basic 1 yr accuracy 0.2 %


G eneral Specifications Channel Capacity Analog Inputs: 21; Digital I/O & Alarm Outputs: 12 total; Totalizer: 1 Power 90V ac to 264V ac (50 Hz or 60 Hz), or 9V dc to 16V dc; less than 10W. (If both sources are applied simultaneously, the greater of ac or dc is used. At 120V ac the equivalent dc voltage is ~14.5V) Temperature, Humidity (non-condensing) Operating: 0 to 28?C, <=90% RH; 28?C to 40?C, <=75% RH; 40?C to 60?C, <=50% RH; Storage: -40?C to 75?C, 5 to 95% RH Altitude Operating: 3050m (10,000 ft); Storage: 12,200m (40,000 ft) Common Mode and Normal Mode Voltage 300V dc or ac rms (channels 0,1,11); 150V dc or ac rms (all other channels) Isolation Analog input to analog input, and analog input to any digital input: meets IEC 1010 for 300/150 volts reinforced and ANSI/ISA-S82.01-1988 and CSA 231 for 250 volts single insulation Safety Complies with applicable sections of the IEC1010, ANSI/ISA-S82.01-1988, CSA231, UL 1244, CSA 556B, CE. RF Emissions Passes FCC EMI Class A Equipment and VDE 0871B Size 9.3 cm x 21.6 cm x 31.2 cm (3.67" x 8.50" x 12.28") Weight 2.95 kg (6.5 lb) Memory life 10 years typical for real-time clock, set-up configuration and measurement data in 2625A, memory cards typically 5 years for the 256 kB card Interfaces RS-232C connector: nine pin male (DB-9P) Signals TX, RX, DTR, GND Modem Control Full duplex Baud Rates (Set from front panel) 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2k, 38.4 Echo (Set from front panel) On/Off Flow Control XON/XOFF IEEE-488 (Optional, 2620A Only) Complies with IEEE-488.1 Standard; disables RS-232C Interface while in use Technical Specifications DC Volts Range: 90 mv to 300V Resolution: 1 ?v to 10 mv Accuracy (3-Sigma)1 0.018% AC Volts Range: 90 mV to 300/150V Resolution: 10 ?V to 10 mv Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.13% Resistance Range: 300W to 10 MW Resolution: 10 mW to 1 KW Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.013% Frequency Range: 15 Hz to 1 MHz Resolution: 0.01 Hz to 1 kHz Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.05% RTD (Pt 100) Range: -200 to 600?C Resolution: 0.02?C Accuracy: (3-Sigma)10.05?C J Thermocouples Range: -100 to 760?C Resolution: .01?C Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.39?C K Thermocouples Range: -100 to 1372?C Resolution: .01?C Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.45?C T Thermocouples Range: -150 to 400?C Resolution: .01?C Accuracy: (3-Sigma)1 0.39?C Other Thermocouple types R, S, B, C, E, N 2625A Data Storage Specifications 2625A Data Storage Stores 2047 scans; stored with each scan: time stamp, all defined analog input channels, the status of four alarm outputs and eight digital I/O, and the totalizer count 256K Card Size 4 Channels in Scan 8900 10 Channels in Scan 4800 20 Channels in Scan 2700 1M Card Size 4 Channels in Scan 36,500 10 Channels in Scan 19,800 20 Channels in Scan 11,200 2M Card Size 4 Channels in Scan 74,110 10 Channels in Scan 39,910 20 Channels in Scan 22,550 4M Card Size 4 Channels in Scan 149,000 10 Channels in Scan 80,200 20 Channels in Scan 45,359


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Test Equipment Connection

The Worlds Largest Distributor of New, Refurbished, and Second Hand Electronic Test and Measurement (T&M) Equipment.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

Equipment Dealer / Broker, Inspection, Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment

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