Siemens siemens parts

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Siemens siemens parts


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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362744S01 Headboard S20 complete
321214-09 Headboard S20 v. 2.4
354432-02 Headboard F5HM complete v. 5.01 w. illumination board
353198-02 Headboard S25 complete v. 6.02 w. illumination board
362744S01 Headboard S20 complete v. 6.02 no illumination board
343252-02 KSP-M349-A101 HDD + Floppy for M44
320926-02 ICOS card MVS200/83 with 2272e EEPROMS
353442-01 Transport controller HS-50 Single Lane
320927-10 KSP-M44-A66 Machine controller M44
326142-07 KSP-COM 351 Communication board
335522-02 M54 Controller
335673-03 ICOS card MVS 340V2
335520S05 KSP-A362 3x axis card for HS-50
335519-05 KSP-A362-AD axis card
335520S05 KSP-A362 3x axis card for HS-50
335519-05 KSP-A362-BB axis card
356817-05 KSP A362-BB-S23 1xAC
320926-02 ICOS card MVS200/83 without EEPROMS
320549-04 Component camera SP12
315224-06 PCB camera
319777-02 Blast unit
329699-05 Control unit tape cutter
336791S03 Component camera SP12
335522-03 KSP-M54 machine controller
333862-03 ICOS card MVS200/83 no EEPROMS
356817S04 KSP-A362-AD S23 1x axis card
320549-05 Component camera SP12
336791-04 Component camera SP12 18x18
346264-02 Component camera SP6
336791-03 Component camera 18x18 SP12
332502-02 Sonar amplifier (intermediate conveyor)
336115-02 Sonar amplifier BB4
332503-03 Sonar amplifier BB2
349189-01 I/O card
350833S01 Strip motor 12-16mm mounted
344082-01 Ballast card (reinforced)
314165-01 Servo card TRS 120/2Z
326142-07 Communication unit (card)
348264-02 Headboard HS-50 (V1.5)
375295-02 Software 505/2 basic
355970-12 Software 407.04 SP1C
374277-04 Software XP&Siplace Pro
324405S01 Motor w. synchronizing gear (transport)
348264-02 Headboard HS-60 (V5.02)
322119-05 Feeder part V1.5
367142S03 Component sensor SP-12 complete
349457 Scanner Y axis digital
321736-04 Servo card TBS 120/2.5S
321213S02 Positioning unit (2parts)
323146-01 Board for IC camera
363330-05 Gantry interface (large axis) 

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we offer service and spare parts for Siemens Siplace equipments.

Oradea, Romania

  • Phone 0040723351757

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