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Megger 235303

Megger 235303

Megger 235303


Megger 235303


Test Equipment

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$ 5325.00


Florida, USA

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Test Equipment Connection

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Test Equipment Connection

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Megger 235303 Specs:

Megger 235303. Megger 235303. Tool and Appliance Tester combines, in one portable unit, the three most frequently specified electrical safety tests for tools and appliances. In conformance to the latest UL and ANSI test requirements, the instrument performs tests of ground continuity, leakage current and electrical insulation; it also checks the nameplate current rating of the device.

Product Highlights


Megger Model # 235303


Complete UL & ANSI Testing In


Ground Continuity Test: 25A AC Max., 0.10 Ohmn Threshold


Leakage Test: 0-10 mA AC, 0.01 mA Sensitivity


Insulation Breakdown: 0-3,000 VAC, Continuously Adjustable


120 VAC; 10 x 13.5 x 10" HWD/28 lbs.

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