Agilent 8753E-006-010

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Agilent 8753E-006-010

Agilent 8753E-006-010


Agilent 8753E-006-010


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Agilent HP 8753E-006-010. RF Vector Network Analyzer

The HP 8753E RF vector network analyzer provides all the performance and productivity features to simplify and speed your component measurements in the30 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range. Its new processor makes measurement and data-transfer speeds up to seven times faster than the previous model. Overall through putis enhanced by new features such as simultaneous four parameter display and adapter-removal calibration. An integrated, synthesized source provides up to 10 mW of output power , 1 Hz frequency resolution, and linear-frequency, log-frequency, list frequency, CW, and power sweep types. Three tuned receivers allow independent power measurements or simultaneous ratio measurements over a wide dynamic range of 105 dB at 6 GHz (with Option 006 frequency extension) or 110 dB at 3 GHz (standard). The integrated est set allows you to measure transmission and reflection characteristics of a device to 6 GHz, without a frequency doubler.The HP 8753E network analyzer features two independent measurement channels. You can choose to display any combination of reflection and transmission parameters,in magnitude, phase, group-delay, Smith-chart, polar, SWR,or time-domain formats. Soft keys let you quickly access measurement functions, and you can view results in overlay or split-screen format on the LCD color display. AVGA-compatible output has been added to drive larger external monitors for optimum viewing.

6 GHz operation (Option 006)Description With the 6 GHz option, performance is specified over the30 kHz to 6 GHz range. When external source, tuned receiver or harmonic mode is used, the receiver is capable of measuring signals up to 6 GHz.

Time domain (Option 010)Description With the time domain option, data from transmission or reflection measurements in the frequency domain is converted to the time domain using a Fourier transformation technique (Chirp Z) and presented on the display.The time domain response shows the measured parameter value versus time. Markers may also be displayed in electrical length (or physical length if the relative propagation velocity is entered).

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