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Universal Instruments Multi-Pitch Feeders

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Universal Instruments Multi-Pitch Feeders


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New York, USA

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Listed below, for the last time, are Universal's 24 Volt Multi-Pitch Feeders.

All orders must be received by March 1, 2011.

72mm Feeders and larger feeders must be quoted prior to placing an order.

Note: Most 24 volt platform machines can be upgraded to accommodate our 42 volt feeders. Please contact your Universal Sales Engineer/Rep to verify your machine is compatible.

Part Number Description

48590903 8mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

48591003 12mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47175805 16mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47175905 24mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

48497402 32mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47176105 44mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47176205 56mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47592902 72mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

47593002 88mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

48262801 104mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

48322701 120mm Multi-Pitch Tape Feeder

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Glenrothes, Scotland

  • Phone +44 (0)1592 773208
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